Man Catches Wife with lover, Kills lover, drives to Police Station [PHOTOS]

A Zambian man has turned himself in after killing his wife’s secret lover, pictured above, whom he found on their matrimonial bed. According to Zambian local media, the man returned home unexpectedly to Solwezi in the middle of the night from Lumwana where he works and found the man in his matrimonial bed with his wife fast asleep in his bedroom.

He took some pictures and afterward went into their kitchen and picked up a pounding stick, returned to the bedroom and struck the man on the head. The secret lover died as his head was broken and his brain spilled out.

The angry husband then picked up the body of the deceased, put it in his car and drove to the police station where he handed himself over! The body of the deceased is lying in solwezi general hospital mortuary.

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