'll rather stay childless than have only female children, they are sold to other family - Man cries out

Children as the Holy Book says are the precious gift from GOD which he gives couples both those who are genuinely married or not genuinely married (Had children out of wedlock).

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And the same Holy Book told our ancestral parents, Adam and Eve to "go yee into the World and multiply" as applicable to the entire human race. And that led to the massive growth of humans across the globe.

But a Nigerian has decided that instead of having only Female children, that he will rather stay childless all the days of his life. Reasons he said below.

The man whose remains anonymous, as his name was not disclosed, said that his reasons for saying this is that, it is only the male child that can inherit the father’s legitimate compound, as it applies to Nigerian, and African culture as a whole. As women are being sold out in marriage to other family.

Therefore, "a woman cannot inherit the father’s legitimate compound because already she is married off to another man. If she dares inherit it, she will convert it to the possession of the man he was sold out to".

He said that you will hustle and waste your resources to train up a female child only for her to get married one day to another who didn’t know what you went through to train her, thus she leaves your empire and follow another Man.

Once a female child gets sold out to another man, otherwise called marriage, she will totally forget her family welfare and focused on the well-being of her new family. To help her husband grow the family.

"So this is the reason why I said I will rather stay childless than have only female children, because they are sold out to other families," he noted.

If you have any problem with this, please indicate and tell us what you think is wrong with his decision on the comment box.

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