If you are an adult in present-day Nigeria then I believe you ought to have realized by now that tertiary education in this country is laughable.
I am not saying it is all bad but then it is very bad. The system is rigged against the students. The facilities are dilapidated or nonexistent. Most of our educators are either dinosaurs or poorly qualified. The all-around environment is not conducive. All this stands against us but beyond that, there are certain things we believed as young ladies about a school that are not wholly true.
1. We don’t need connections
Inasmuch as we should not thrive on nepotism, it is highly important that we maintain quality relationships. Most of us went to the university with the mindset that we only have to study hard and earn good grades; everything else was secondary. However, even if you are good at what you do, you may still need a recommendation here and there to get through the door before you prove yourself.
Thus, the university is one of the best places to network.
2. All we need is a certificate
Closely linked to the point above, we assumed that once we studied hard and graduated with a first class or second class (upper division), life would be kind to us. Yet, it does not work that way. You would need your soft skills above all else to differentiate you from the throng of people holding a similar certificate.
3. Beauty is meant for the dull
Somehow, we believed that the beautiful girls who went to extra lengths to look good were dull and so the smart ones didn’t bother to put in such an effort in their appearance. However, in reality, if you don’t take care with your appearance, only a few people will be interested enough to listen to what you have upstairs.

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Well, looking at the points you try to discuss here, I agree with some, and with some I disagree. Teachers being bad is one thing, but most of the time, success is based solely on your ability to learn and your motivation. With studying for grades I agree, the system is put in a way that grades are the most important thing while forgetting that they came here to learn a skill. I was of the same opinion, until I enrolled in the top ias academy in chennai. The methods they use here and the teachers are on another level. It opened my eyes that there can be quality studying. 


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