Leftist Godspower Okumbor, Secretary General of the Edo Civil Society Organisations Advises Edo Youth Against Violence comes 19th September

  • It Is Our Election, Lets Make It Peaceful!

    The Youths play a key position in every activity of the State and Nation in general and on the September 19th Edo Gubernatorial Election, the Secretary General of the Edo Civil Society Organisations Leftist God's power Okumbor has call on the youths and Edo People in general to Come Out And Vote cause It Will Count.
    He advises them to exercise their Franchise without VIOLENCE and make the nation proud of them.

  • Your Vote Is Your VOICE, Don't Sell It, he said.

  • Edo, Nigeria will be Great Again.

  • Edo Civil Society Organisations is a network of civil society groups, not political and has been promoting Good Governance, Social Justice and Human Right.

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