Trading with an ECN + STP broker will usually Ecom Cash Code offer the most benefits to fast trade execution. Since orders are made directly to Liquidity Providers, the inherent conflict of interest that exists for market makers is removed. It is usually in the broker's best interests to process the order as soon as possible for their clients in order to remain competitive among other brokers. A true ECN Forex broker won't requote or trade against their clients. As such, the advantages that low latency offers are no longer negated.

So what measures can you take, as a trader, to reduce latency? The main thing you need to do is find a good Forex Broker with fast execution times. It would be prudent and probably recommended to find an ECN+STP broker with an active interest in processing your orders quickly. Other potential steps to take may be to use a VPS or a FIX API system, check with your broker whether these would prove useful, how much it would cost and whether or not the broker offers such FX trading tools at all.

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