Following the publication of one Miss Munirat Alhaji, a victim of acid bath in Ojodu, Dekina Local Government Area State Government that has since making rounds on social media, the state government have moved to save the life of  the victim.

This resolve came following the victim’s public cry to Nigerians for help.

Recall the eighteen year old Munirat Alhaji was severely burnt by acid poured on her by her brother while she tried to rescue their mother whom the brother accused of witchcraft and was trying to kill her.

The Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Chief Edward Onoja, upon seeing the publication directed the Chief Medical Director of the state specialist hospital to swiftly move in and make arrangements for proper treatment of the victim.

Responding on a Social Media platform monitored by Insidestory, the Chief Medical Director, Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Attah noted that discussions were in top gear with professors of Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery in a private hospital in Abuja for the assessment and onward management of Munirat Alhaji.

He said: "We are concluding discussions with the team at FMC Lokoja on the outstanding bill before her transfer.

He expressed gratitude to everyone who has shown concern towards the predicament of Munirat Alhaji."

The director also thanked the Deputy Governor, Chief Edward Onoja for his consistent show of benevolence and upright leadership.

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