This an opportunity to prepare Nigeria against EBOLA out break.So you can be a manufacturer of Desinfectant with low as N10,000 or below. Three new cases of the often lethal Ebola virus have been confirmed in a city of more than 1 million people, Congo's health minister announced, as the spread of the hemorrhagic fever in an urban area raised alarm.,every body now need personal and enviromental hygiene.

It will skyrocket your financial Portfolio,from Jobless to an employer.

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Disinfection has been defined as : 
1. Killing or inactivating all diseases- causing organisms by chemical agents or physical procedures. 2. Removing or destroying pathogenic micro-organisms 3. Killing or irreversibly inactiving all causative agents of transmissible diseases. 

Disinfectants destroy or irreversibly inactive infectious or other undesirable bacterial,pathogenic fungi or viruses on surfaces or inanimate objects.Agents for application to living tissues are referred to, as antiseptic.Common to all definitions is the fact that disinfection is directed only against organisms that are considered harmful. 
Distinction should be made among disinfectant,sterilization and preservation.Sterilization refers to the complete destruction or irreversible inactivation of all micro-organism.Preservation is aimed at inhibiting multiplication of micro-organisms in materials that are likely to spoil,with activity extending over a relatively longer period.Sanitation is a term frequently used in English-speaking countries that refers to a disinfection procedure aimed at all micro-organism, undesirable and otherwise. 
Disinfectant formulation generally must contain a combination of active ingredients to satisfy not only users demands,but also the appropriate test procedure.In addition,additives,must be incorporated to achieve good skin tolerance,material compatibility,cleaning powder and other goals.

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