JAMB Portal to Check Matriculation List for NYSC Mobilization

JAMB Matriculation List Checker For NYSC Mobilization - How Check for your name on the JAMB Matriculation List.

JAMB has recently introduced a new policy that will deny graduates mobilization for the mandatory NYSC scheme if their names are not on the JAMB Matriculation List. This post will provide details on how to check your name on JAMB Matriculation List and how to qualify to be on the Matriculation List if your name wasn't included.

According to reports the new policy going to implemented in coming NYSC Mobilization therefore it is advised that all graduates who intend to be mobilized for NYSC should login into JAMB Mobilization List Portal to check if their name and details are on the JAMB Mobilization Portal.

See full details on how to check your name on JAMB Portal for NYSC Mobilization - https://www.bukasblog.com.ng/2018/06/jamb-matriculation-list-how-to...

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