Jamb 2018 Exam Date And Everything You Need To Know Right Now

Jamb 2018 Exam Date And Registration Form Has Finally been announced. Sales of Jamb 2018/2019 registration form began December 6th and Registration Deadline is now February 11, 2018. The Jamb 2018 CBT Exam date is Friday 9th March to 17th March, 2018.

You can create your Jamb Profile right now by clicking here if you are yet to do so. For how to register Jamb 2018 without mistakes click here now. You may also continue reading to get all other Jamb 2018/2019 latest news updates today.Subscribe to our newsletter

Note: Mock Exam holds first week of February.

This article will cover Jamb 2018 form, examination timetable, reprinting of examination slip, Jamb profile and correction of mistakes, change of institution and the expo to pass Jamb once and for all…..

PLUS Jamb 2018 latest news updates on Admission status, no results yet issue, awaiting results, change of courses and institution. Also, information about 2018/2018 Jamb Direct entry shall be discussed.
How to Gain admission no matter what.
Is it school or Jamb that offers admission?
How to check your Jamb result again.
Jamb 2018 Admission Status.
Jamb Original result slip.
Top Universities that accept low Jamb scores.
Jamb change of course and institution form.
Why you should do Jamb change of course and School.
JambI will release results for candidates with no result yet.
After Jamb, what next? 8 more things to do.
Why you may not gain admission in 2018.
General cut off mark for top Universities in Nigeria.
Jamb to set examination for those who had computer issues.
How to Upload your waec and Neco awaiting results.
Jamb results upgrade and the truth to follow.
How to check your Jamb admission status.
2018 Direct entry registration and screening date.
Everything about Jamb 2018 from registration to examination.
More information about Jamb 2018/2019.
10 Amazing things you can do with your Jamb profile.
2018 Jamb Utme Examination Timetable.

Are You Ready? Take a glass of chilled water and let’s begin the journey………..
How To Gain Admission With Jamb 2018 No Matter What

Like I always say, many candidates fail to secure admission to study their desired course. This is not always because they scored low in Jamb or are not connected; but because they are not guided.
Good News! Get The Offers Below For Free:

You can actually gain admission no matter your Jamb score. Do you want to know the reasons why you may not gain admission and how to overcome it?

Quikly Read: Ultimate guide to University Admission list.
Is It Jamb Or School That Offers Admission (Jamb Date)

This is one question that took me years to answer. To some, it is Jamb that gives admission. Others believe that it is school that actually offers admission. If I may ask you, is it the institutions or Jamb that offers admission? The answer is both.

See Also: How Jamb and schools do collaborate in admission process
How To Check Your Jamb 2018 Result

The joint Admission and matriculation board releases result for those who writes Jamb few days after the exam date. If you could not see your result online, you may want to check again. All you need to do is visit jamb portal by clicking here and login with your username and password (which you used to create Jamb profile); then click on check result in your Jamb profile.
Jamb 2018 Admission Status

Jamb releases Admission lists. When you are finally admitted, you can then proceed to print your Jamb 2018 Admission letter.

Go Through: How to check Jamb Admission status.
2018 Jamb Original result slip

The normal Jamb result that you print out from a computer is not what you use for clearance and scholarships application. After Jamb date, other activities also follows.

Your University or Polytechnic of choice will require Origin clearance during physical clearance. Usually, Jamb sells scratch cards to enable you print Original Jamb result. You could also click here for how to get Original Jamb 2018 result slip.
Universities & Polytechnics That Accept Low Jamb scores

If you score very low in Jamb, it is not the end of life. Also, it doesn’t mean that you cannot gain admission to study your desired course.

If the cut off mark for your school is too high, you can consider changing to schools that demand lower cut off. Click here to see the list of good schools that accept low Jamb scores.
Jamb change of course and institution form

It is true that Jamb has begun change of course and institution. For reasons best know to you, you may want to change your school and/or course of choice.

Reasons to do Jamb change of course and School: If you are not sure whether or not to do Jamb change of institution, the following reasons will convince you. Read: Jamb change of institution and why you should consider it.
Jamb To Release Results for Candidates with no result yet

If Jamb tells you that you didn’t sit for the exam or no result yet, then you are not alone. There are so many other persons in the same situation.

AFTER JAMB 2018, What Next? 8 More Things To Do

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