'It’s useless men that are causing issues among actresses'

Nollywood actress Kiitan Bukola real name Oloruntimilehin Bosede Bukola has reacted to the ongoing dram involving actresses fighting over men.

Kiitan has said that it’s some useless Men that are the cause of most actress’s rivalry. According to her, men go into actresses DMs and pretend to be good.

She added that these men take advantage of the fact that she and her colleagues decide to keep their relationship lives private. She disclosed this in a post on her Instagram page on Thursday, January 21.

She wrote;

”Pls some men shld do better stop going into all actresses DM we are all one in the industry ,u can choose another woman from another sector maybe a banker or somewhere else , stop causing issues and making bloggers think actresses are fighting cos of men not knowing its some useless men who pretend to be a good man in all actresses dm, it’s b******* …"

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