It’s not easy accepting a stepmom who’s the same age as you

FELICIA now in her 40s will be the first to admit that Chris her father was a ladies’ man. “He was always introducing new girlfriends to me and my brother when we were young”, she said. So, when he came in with Fatima, another new find, 26 years ago, I didn’t think she would be anything other than a passing phase. And the fact that at 19, she was a mere 18 months older than me made me really hostile towards her. Couldn’t she find a man her age? Was she after dad’s money? I thought the 20-year age gap between them was ridiculous.

“When I was four, my mum left my dad and soon after, Dad had a son with someone else out of wedlock. His second marriage, when I was 12, was to a woman his own age, but that only lasted a few years. And I was 18 when he wed his third wife, Joanne, who again was his age – but that marriage lasted less than a year. I met Fatima for the first time at dad’s third wedding – she was one of his colleagues. Dressed in a show-stopping garb, I never dreamt she would one day be my step-mother..Read more

“Dad was 40 and she just turned 20 when they got married and I couldn’t be bothered to be friendly with someone who was unlikely to be around for long. Things went from bad to worse when in less than a year, Fatima became pregnant. I kept my distance but when she had a son, I had this strong urge to be a good sister to him and my feelings towards Fatima softened. Sadly, only a few months later, history repeated itself and they split up..Read more

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