It is more scientific to maintain flotation machine like this

The original manufacturer gives the first life to flotation machine, but where its life ends is grasped in the users’ hands. Although the machine can not express their own needs like creature does, it is necessary to replenish nutrients to flotation machine in time. Just like human skin needs maintenance, the machine also needs timely and effective maintenance. Only in this way can make the flotation machine life longer and combat stronger. Below are some maintain methods of flotation machine concluded by FTM experts.

The Flotation Machine Daily Maintenance

(1) Bearing maintenance

The flotation machine bearing is the pillar of the whole machine, almost all of the load must be borne by the bearing. So the bearing also needs high-quality lubrication maintenance. At the same time, to prolong the bearing service life and flotation machine working period, users should guarantee the bearing cleanliness and seal in lubrication process.

(2) Worn parts replacement

After long-time and large-scale work and operation, some parts of flotation machine will have considerable wear, when the wear accumulate to a certain extent, it will seriously affect the flotation effect, or even have great security risks. So the worn parts must be inspected and replaced regularly.

(3) Accidental situation handling

There will occur various accidental situations in flotation machine operation, such as the bearing temperature is too high, the gear impact sound is too loud and so on. When these unusual phenomena happen, the scientific reaction is to shut down the machine, then look for the causes and solve the questions.

(4) Restart attention point

Before restart, users should manually rotate the pulley for idling to clean the deposited sediments and reduce the motor load.

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