Is your wife or husband cheating? THIS one clue could reveal if they're being unfaithful

IS YOUR wife or husband cheating? One study reckons you can tell if your partner’s been unfaithful by listening to their voice.

A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology says you may be able to tell if someone is cheating by listening to their voice - even if they are not saying much at all.

Researchers asked 152 students to listen to recordings of both male and female voices.

They then had to rate the likelihood the speaker had cheated in a past or current relationship.

All of the people who recorded messages were currently in an exclusive relationship which ensured they’d had a chance to cheat.

First participants were asked whether they considered kissing, intimate touching, oral sex or sexual intercourse to be cheating.

They then listened to 20 recordings, half of which featured people who had cheated at some point.

Miraculously, the students were then able to identify those who has been unfaithful by rating them more likely to cheat on a scale of one to 10.

The study’s abstract reads: “Evidence suggests that any physical, behavioural and trait qualities can be detected solely from the sound of a person’s voice, irrespective of the semantic information conveyed through speech.”

At this point in time, researchers are not exactly sure why people can tell these qualities from someone’s more

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