Is There a Relationship Between Anxiety And Heart Disease?

Over weightiness or obesity is one among the chief risk Cardio Clear Review factors for occurrence of heart diseases or disorders. Thus you must try to reduce your weight, if you are overweight. It is very easy to lose excessive body weight by sticking to healthy diet, lifestyle and by remaining physically active. Fibre is an important component of the diet for all people. It has an important role to play in lowering down the risk of heart diseases. Thus you must take lots of fibre daily as it helps in keeping your heart healthy and fit in all respects.

Salt is also a major culprit for numbers of heart problems. Thus you must take salt in moderation in your diet. If you consume excess of salt, you must cut it down for protecting your heart against its ill-effects. By taking care of these points, you may assure good health and most optimal heart functions. Those who are already struggling with this problem may opt for Ramdev medicine Coronary Artery Disease as it is a safe alternative. Medical procedures adopted for coronary artery bypass surgery

The patient is administered general anesthesia, while all the health conditions are being monitored closely. Then an incision is made on the breast bone to get access to the heart lying below that bone. The redo bypass surgery is also done by following the same methods of coronary bypass surgery, which completely cures the cardiac patients, thus prompting them flock to Asian Heart Institute. Getting anxious is normal but if this feeling of anxiousness is getting in your way of normal functioning then it needs attention.

Anxiety disorders have different categories. Some are Panic disorder During this, there is occurrence of tremendous agitation and fear, shortness of breath, uneasiness in the stomach, dizziness, increase in the heart rate, chest pain. These signs and symptoms can be mistaken for a heart attack and or can be linked with the cardiac ailment. Why anxiety increases the risk of heart disease. When a person is suffering from an Anxiety disorder, that person' body reacts or gets worked up in way that can put a lot of excess strain and pressure on the heart. The signs and symptoms of the same can have disastrous results on people already having heart diseases.

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The Gravity of the situation:

In-country like the USA, every year about 735000 people get a heart attack and 1 in every 4 death, is due to heart disease. In developing countries like India, also things are gradually progressing in the wrong direction, thanks to the rapidly changing lifestyle. Some experts have also predicted that India would soon have the highest number of heart disease patients in the world. According to the Indian Heart Association - 50% of all heart attacks in Indians occur, under 50 years of age and the population living in the cities is more vulnerable. 

You can go through the entire information related to Problems Of The Heart – Why Should You Be Concerned? in the below mention article explained by a medical professional.


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