Smartphones are one of the biggest inventions of the 20 th century . With a smartphone , the electronic transaction is only a click away .
Yet , there are health implications that come with it. The radio frequency energy that is transmitted from it might be hazardous to the health .
There are suggestions that placing it close to the ear has long -term danger . People who have ear problems or headaches are sensitive to radiations that come from the phone emission.
US cancer epidemiologist , Dr Devra Davis, in her book , Disconnect ( 2010) linked longterm use to cancer and brain tumour such as glioma . She warned that children are twice exposed to the risk of radiation than adults . However , Dr Ken Karipidis , spokesperson for Australian Radiation Protection Nuclear and Safety Authority ( ARPANSA ) has said that “ There is no established evidence that RF radiation from tablets and phones and Wi- Fi causes health effects ”.
Regardless , medical practitioners recommend the six -inches rule .
To take caution , do the following:

Avoid a crowded place

Reduce time -spent on the phone especially when downloading or streaming .

Avoid placing a call when the signal is weak because the radiation might be stronger .

Heed the instructions of the manufacturer . Each product has a distance that should be kept .

Best still , use a headphone . If possible, always use the speaker. That way , the phone is not close to your ear.

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