Iran's Pres. Rouhani assures Soleimani’s daughter of revenge {Photo}

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani issues chilling warning that the U.S made a 'grave mistake' by killing Soleimani and will face the consequences 'for years to come' after his family asks for revenge.

President Hassan Rouhani told Soleimani's family during a visit on Saturday that the U.S. had committed an 'unforgettable crime' against the Iranian nation.

When one of the notorious general's daughter's asked who will take revenge, the president told her: 'Everyone'

The leader of Iran's Quds Force was killed in an airstrike on Friday ordered by President Donald Trump

Iran's supreme leader, Ayatolla Ali Khamenei, warned warned that 'the continuing fight & ultimate victory will be more bitter for the murderers & criminals'

Trump said he ordered the killing because Soleimani was plotting 'imminent and sinister' attacks against Americans.

He added that the airstrike was not to start a war, but to stop a war.

In a visit to the notorious general's house on Saturday, one of Soleimani's daughter's asked President Hassan Rouhani for revenge.

'Who is going to avenge my father's blood?' she asked.

In response, he promised her that 'everyone will take revenge' and 'we will, we will avenge his blood , you don't worry.'

President Rouhani (M) pictured with Suleimani's daughter (L) during a courtesy visit by the former

'The Americans did not realize what a grave mistake they have made. They will suffer the consequences of such criminal measure not only today, but also throughout the years to come,' Rouhani said.

'This crime committed by the US will go down in history as one of their unforgettable crimes against the Iranian nation.'

(Daily Mail)

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