Every new iPhone poses the same question: Are the improvements awesome enough to warrant an upgrade? Well, there are tons of reasons to upgrade, but for this article we’re just comparing cameras. Specifically, I put the iPhone 8 Plus against last year’s model, the 7 Plus, to see how much Apple has improved its camera game. On the surface there are many similarities between the iPhone 8 Plus’s...
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I just don't understand mobile photography at all. My first smartphone with a good camera was Huawei Mate 20 pro and I admit that the quality of photos is good enough but any camera will provide better quality just because the pixel sizze on the matrix is bigger and therefore you don't depend that much on the light conditions.

It is not a secret that iPhone offers us good cameras but it is not enough for people who are going to take photos seriously. So, I am this kind of person and now I am reading reviews on compactclick to choose a good camera at an affordable price for myself. Now I choose between two cameras under 200.


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