Looking for a reliable source of income
Searching for the right place to invest your money online
Onomez Investment Network is here to grant people an informative insight towards E-trading program.

All that is required is a click and you will be glad to be a partaker.
*Genuine Deals
*Well facilitated Business Prospect
*Realistic ROI
*Deals Both in Foreign and Local Currency
*Works with Reliable affiliates abroad
*Visible, Credible and legible firm

Investment Plan/calculation

300% anual interest rate based on the capital starting from 100,000 naira.

This is the formula which we work with:

a5= a3x(a2-a1)xa4/365 days.

where a5=total daily interst
a4=anual interest rate
a3=principal capital
a2=end date
a1=start date

eg: for 100,000naira capital

a5=100000 x 20working days x 1000/365 = 54794.52

A total of 154794.52, will be paid into your account.
This is not a quick rich programme but a realistic scheme for income.

Interest per day at 300% anually is calculated as

54794.52/20 = 2739.7 daily interest.

You get out of life what you put into it ... it's the same with business. A clear and impactful

plan makes a massive difference to achieving this. With a great plan you can engage

others with a sense of direction and purpose align all activities and review progress.
Thank You.

For more information and enquires contact
Call: 08180824489

Online Ref: http://www.123nigeria.com/ad/62803/

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Glad to know about this investment planning and hope this will be useful for all. Couple of months ago, took services of one of best Las Vegas certified financial planners. They really helped in giving different investment plans.


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