Two medical institutions, George Washington University Hospital and the Inova Fairfax Heart and Vascular Institute, have helped former Vice-President D*** Cheney through his latest battle with congestive heart failure. The former vice-president is one of five million United States citizens who suffer from this condition. George Washington University Hospital first admitted Cheney in late June after he reported that he was not feeling well. Test indicated that Cheney's heart, specifically his left ventricle, was suffering from fluid build-up. This is not uncommon with someone suffering from congestive heart failure.

A couple of weeks later the Inova Fairfax Heart and Vascular Institute performed open heart surgery on the former vice-president to implant a small pump next to the weakened ventricle to help it continue to pump blood through Mr. Cheney's body. This device is normally a temporary implant to support the patient's heart while he or she awaits a transplant. But, because of a lack of donors, people wearing nursing clogs are experimenting with these pumps as more permanent solutions for patients with various heart diseases.

It is not known if the former vice-president is a candidate for a heart transplant. Cheney himself was quoted as saying he understands that he is facing "increasing congestive heart failure." Doctors are not revealing if Cheney will possible receive a donated heart in the future. At this time they are only saying that the former vice-president "is going to have improved quality of life for some time to come." This perhaps means that Cheney will not be seeing nurses uniforms for some time to come.

What will Cheney being doing in the near future? Recuperating. Cheney has experienced five heart attacks since the age of 37, so he knows that he must take it easy for a little while. His statement to the press after his most recent operation really only noted the operation went well. He most likely wanted to get rid of the hospital clothing he was wearing and return home as soon as he could. No patient even if he or she is allowed to wear a shirt and scrubs pants, likes to stay in hospital garb for a long period of time.

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