Indiscipline and Corruption among Nigeria Immigration Service, Oyo State Office.

It is quite disappointing that we all cry foul of the leaders in Nigeria.  International passport all over the world is an exclusive right of citizens.  This is even more of a right to Nigerians because we do not have reliable national identity card with which a valid data about citizens could be collected and verified from time to time.   At the present time, it is difficult for a Nigerian to say on the outright the exact cost of International passport in Nigeria. 


There are two types of International passport issued by the Nigeria Immigration Service; the 32-paged and the 64-paged.  At the Oyo State Immigration Service, the 32 paged passport goes for a minimum of N26,000 - 30,000 depending on who you know while the 64-paged type goes for around N35,000 - 50,000 also depending on your link person whereas officially on the receipt, about N18,000 will appear.  Yet, intending citizens pay this outrageous cost in-hesitantly.  Unfortunately in the recent time, when people apply for the passport, having paid this huge amount on a document that is supposed to be easily affordable for everybody, one would have to wait endlessly to get the passport issued.  It is in the waiting period that other illegal collections would be imposed on applicants.  For instance, at the present moment, applicants who have applied for the International passport in Ibadan Immigration office for about a month or thereabouts, are now requested to pay a sum of N3,000 which is purportedly demanded by their new boss.  This is really disappointing and makes one cry for our country.  How and when can we eradicate this spate of corruption. 


I think it is high time people started to call a spade its real name.  The Nigeria Immigration Service should be made to know that applying for International Passport is not seeking a favor from the office, it is our right.  Application for International passport is not the same as Visa application. 


The Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service should please do something to sanitize the organization before it turned to Nigeria Police.


God bless Nigeria.


John Faloye,

Muscat, Oman.

Tel.: +968 9947 8683.

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