Gold is a symbol of royalty, and success made through much refining.  We are a nation that have been passed through the agony fire of circumstance too many to mention.


The setting of the sun now ushers the night into my world with this very song from a Nigeria Child, whose skills in drumming cannot be denied a dance by other
Nigeria Child alike. 


Bitterness once shared,

Tears once shared,

Argument once share,

Regrets once shared,

Injustices once shared,

Starvation once shared,

Ever pain and memories of loved ones gone among us,

Every tears that injustices caused to flow,

Every innocent blood shared.

Homelessness once shared,

Every hurting memories,

Abuses once shared,

Betrayal once share,

Denial of right once shared,

Intimidation once shared,

Misappropriation of resources once shared,

Every form of neglects once shared, 

Your moments of reward is here only if you could dance to the song of “Rebirth “ .


The day is come when your walls of stored bitterness and betrayal, by the very space God willed to you as your inheritance here and now will come cracking is here. Only if you will decide to dance to the very song sang by
those whose gens your life depends on as a tracker back in time.

Will there be a better time Nigerian Child to awake and feel the true joy of sanity that your sole Being from birth was Born into.  A time to reflect back and say finally we are truly wearing the garment of
prestigious rewards acquired through bearing and forbearing seasons to seasons.

Can a   Child compare this moment before us to - moments when we wake
up in the dead night, walking our way towards the toilet using our hands as
sensors detecting every obstacles on the way. 

Or could you liken it to moments when you feel so tired haven spent all day on the traffic barely moving at the mercy of time. Only to be stopped
impracticably by road block put in place to extort you of the little left on
you.  Does the inpatient drum beat  driving you towards grabbing it
all because it could be your one and only chance to acquire your share of the
national cake make any meaning to you ?  Have you stopped having flashes
of this soul so dear to heart whose memorial place is same road you drive
through every now and then. Whose fate was once in the hands of fellow Child to
bear to their destination. But for some bottles of alcohol and quest for a good
turnover have usher them into their next phase as souls.


Then and then the the drum spoke in whisper, its all but memories. To every passing day we spent before now as a nation, states, zones, local governments, towns, families and individuals collectively, we are but storage
facilities of time.  A day is come and now is when the rhythm of my song
shall no longer be that of tears, agony or betrayal and gross sadness
shared  by every Nigerian Child at the rate our nation have deteriorated
in most noticed sectors of our economy .  But can such day be without your
choosing to dance, to truly celebrate liberation of mind, body and soul, to
wear your new
colourful qualities of rebirth?  I know the cheerful looks such a day of
total rebirth radiates in faces I still carry in my memories.  It was a
day once whispered  secretly by those we bear their names,  for fear
of being heard.  Our fathers lived during a season when Nigeria became
drove far away from her destination by greed which have in our time spread its
poison within our cells.  Today the pains of wishes and dreams unfulfilled
in their time can be rewarded, if we all in newness of mind accept to leg go
the bitterness of disappointment we have felt before now, at places of work,
studies, on the street, in our several homes, cities and villages. 


The magnitude of the reality I feel thinking about this day that have refuse to roll by like most dreams buried; leaves me no room for procrastination nor do I anymore have regrets  for loving the rising
of the sun; I now so anxiously look forward to.  My spirit longs for a
rebirth of our nation with passion.


A journey back in time never ceases to play the drums made from true skin of most dread animals.  The reflection of such moments runs chilled water of the bitterness our pioneers had to swim through centuries of


There never would be such moments like memories.  The best part of her rhythms are told by those wearing the grey trend of time as roof  to their temple.  To those asking questions to why they are here, the crack
voice of those left to tell about the moment we live in reminds the Nigerian
child of moments once spoken of when miles had to be walked for the Nigerian


Would the Nigerian child wake up to a day long waited for, When the rains of life finally fall on the exact spot God willed it so to be, than the droplets left to rain on the Nigerian child after unspeakable moments of
deliberation and idolatrous agreements put in place by those sitting on the
bench of political and self centered decision reached for their pockets. Will
Nigerians wake up to a day of sunshine, a day of solar provision of force that
runs our government.  A system that will be instituted by the votes of her
citizens and for the welfare of the nation collectively. A system that protects
lives rather thank murder them at the mercy of engaging in corrupted activities
before they could afford a day meal.


“When a finger is dipped into an oil ..........”

 I believe its a new season that can progress positively if we look beyond where we are today.  I know the battles of ethnic difference is almost behind us, every born Child wears a face focused on Abuja – sit of
governance.  This is very impressive but should it not have been a rebirth
if our purposes are centered on governing our nation as expected of us rather
than compromise the system with with greed.  Abuja in my mindset is the
seat of distribution of responsibilities which ought under no acceptable
clause, should defaulters be entertained, nor should one be unaccountable for
the manifested result of governance.  Why have we failed to understand
that a virus in the system cannot stay long before attempting to spread its
wings among components within same structure.  Put simple – our way
towards rebirth should begin from within us rather than infrastructure
polishing of the environment.  For a grave painted in white colours will
not cease to be containing the remains of dead cells, but if there is
resurrection of the body we will experience the force of change.  Though
we are mortals and cannot deny making mistakes. It becomes questionable
character when we in a higher geometric ratio now are actively involved in that
which is brought our nation to her present state.  Many have come and
gone with keys not fitting for the breakthrough we never would have being
seeking if our nation followed her true independence declaration as state on
October 1st 1960.
   The Nigeria Child; myself included needs
rebirth, a
total change of course – purposes for existence within this divinely destined
nation.  God willed it that Nigeria will be where we are today, to
demonstrate fulfilment of His word.  For when thou should have fully
grown thou shall break the yoke off thou neck.
society today is fully riped for change, our fiftieth  independence day is
not far from being a good moment, to rekindle the spark of honesty in every
Nigerian Child in service towards fellow Nigerian Child., as a remodeling


If we chose today to accept that the mind set of every Nigerian Child is what need to be changed then I believe just like the saying, when a finger is dipped into oil, it touches the other fingers,
though not at same pace.  If we Give change a chance through
Rebirth of mind, if only we can accept a change of behaviour towards one
another, the system that governs us will definitely become filtered of every
idols ( self minded individual) established along the pipeline of
administration down to the Nigerian Child.
  Yes we can, is
now a word associated with President Obama of United State of America simply
because he spoke for change.   I do not have any political agenda
behind this writing.


Rather, I have this compelling desire to see the truth about what we want for Nigeria after 1st October 2010 begin to manifest. Among many I believe is the ability of our present ruling government to  setup
an honest system towards building a lasting democratically elected government
whose duties are to represent the electorates with no compromising

whatsoever in action and acquisition. 

How I wish we could wake up to a new day where our streets will be filled with faces smiling because its another beautiful new day.  Rather than faces rushing out so early only to return to their resting places so late
rehashing the perfect daily routine of finding the key h*** with the light of
their most visible change that we now share  for a while – The Mobile
Phone.  Sometimes I m compelled to ask myself if we could practice same
standard of telecommunication system with the outside world call it western or
modern world. Globally we are advancing well enough in mobile
network/telecommunication securities. What then have hindered Nigeria from
manifesting same change from analog to digital in our government system, in our
individual state of mind. When will we begin to accept that for
development to become fully attained it must begin with us as individuals.

When one wish for a clean home, it becomes a responsibility to clean the house
to keep it clean. Same should be applied to our wishes often debated
among  Nigerians each time they gather.  I have not seen an occasion without
such hopes being presented.  We all often conclude with same idol long
lived with. God dey! One day e go better! .  How I wish we stop
this long transcending shift of the burden/cost for attainment of a developed
Nation with good standard of living to our Nigerian Child. 


We can today stop accepting that the only way out is to do anything funny to reach a peak, where we can finally settle down and maintain an equilibrium of corruption in order to maintain class. 

One would say

 “after all the oil will not finish in my time,

or nobi me go change Nigeria,

who him pepper ripe make he lick am,

or eat I eat. Chop I chop.

 How can we desire so much for a clean street, when we drink  pure  water and litter the streets with the plastic from these products we buy.  Funny enough we are now have large number of graduates, even
inherent gift of functional human nature must have at one point or the other
thought us that they do not decay, so why are we dumping heaps of such waste
where we live. Some would say  somebody will clean it; who will if not you
and me respectively.  Most people will
confirm to this, in developed nations from experience if you are on the street
and you dump any refuse, even  bottle of finished cola can, you are
punishable by law which is effected by the police within sight as
constitutionally stipulated fine.  Be reminded that the payment is never
meant for the an individual pocket.  I believe in this very aspect one
visible solution to our environmental problems is  being neglected.

Would it be fair and worthy of documentation should Nigerians wake up on the 1st of October, 2010 as celebrants of true independents with our energy sector serving us very effectively.  Have you ever
image a system whereby at any given time a prior announcement is made to areas
concern  which in most cases does not delay a minute later than expected time
of light failure?  It is already a system existing in developed
world.  Why would our case be different.


Reading through the speech delivery on our very first independent celebration by Nigeria’s First Prime Minister declaring Nigeria’s Independence Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa – October 1, 1960. “This is a
wonderful day, and it is all the more wonderful because we have awaited it with
increasing impatience, compelled to watch one country after another overtaking
us on the road when we had so nearly reached our goal.  But now, we have
acquired our rightful status, and I feel sure that history will show that the
building of our nation proceeded at

the wisest pace: it has been thorough, and Nigeria now stands
well-built upon firm foundations.


There is true revelation in his well choice words.  Frankly speaking Nigerians have long waited for a permanent change that we all know is inevitable.  We have in reality watched other member nations overtake us
in areas that matters for a system to function effectively.

Our energy sector is international spoken of as incomprehensibly. We
stand among member nations that are supplying several energy to existing
mankind while same is lacked unilaterally within the walls of our nation. 
What exactly could we say, that our energy sector should celebrate with us this
great day?  How best it could be if the sector will record that on the
very 50Th independence day of Nigeria the energy sector
have not defer to render her services with any existing record of
shortage?  How beautiful living will be if one can drive into a petroleum
filling station and fill our several kinds of transportation means with no
long  vigil being kept at fuel stations and unnecessarily extra charges by
those employ to just render the service of filling out tanks.  Or how
pleasant it will be to an investor to understand that cost of energy is equal
to its usage and would not have much impact on his production cost rather than
pose as the most
dread factor to be considered before ever thinking of what blue print to
venture into.    I am quite sure that come October 1st,
2010 if all things being equal we experience a rebirth of mind by every

Nigerian Child we would become carriers of the once upon a time story of
how we lived not being sure if their will be light today or tomorrow.  Our
children will enjoy listening to how developed a nation they now live in began.


To this very day Nigerians one very question I really wish to ask is :  Is there anything wrong in spending today for the development of our nation for our children to come. Will it be wrong to
establish a system our children will update rather than still wish they could
find the key that will open doors we can open today in our season.
Will it be wrong for  a Nigerian child born today to be
documented digitally and stored in a database system that can be retrieve at
any point with the states of the nation. Who among us can be trusted  with
such institution/system where our datas are kept if kidnapping is now something
we reckon with?
.  It obvious that many will chose the pea
nuts rather than the blessing and true reward of honest
service by selling such information to individuals with dubious reasons. If 
a finger is stinking due to a touch on the anus I am very sure a little closer
to the nose one will think the entire finger stinks.  Does this make sense
to you.  Trust is one thing that reduce the pace at which we are
progressing.  Our nation lack trust Local and internationally.  Nobody
cares about what Mr A is up to so long as he is not affected directly . We have
all defiled the golden rule of love your neighbour as yourself.  To love
is to uphold in love memories that exists between oneself and any other person
visible at sight.   How often do we walk by  the dead bodies on
the street without being able to identify that it could have been us?


To embark on change that will endure all trials could be likened to Nehemiah’s story of rebuilding Jerusalem.  He called for a representation of every tribe and individuals abilities were
identified  and responsibilities placed on rightful individuals same
period in time.  Same can be employed towards a lasting building of our
great nation.  Let our expatriates both home and abroad be invited to
install the very systems we need to function efficiently in every sector of our
economy.  Application of technology in the everyday function of the system
is no particular nation’s inheritance rather it is a service which can be
purchase in several forms from one another.  
Our currency now wears the look of quality bill of exchange but when
stopped at any given time by another Nigerian whom  time placed the
mandate of authority on, same currency wears names of values according
to how fat it will make the pocket of the bribed. 


If we could create institutions that within a period of time will become nationally applicable with results.  Our focus as starting point cannot only be within the capitals.  Overpopulation  of our capitals is something
that we should consider to address. The merits of such project cannot be
overemphasised. It will not only yield a healthier environment but will create
employment opportunities if we apply
industrialization of both urban and rural areas at large.    Nigerians
home and abroad are holders of technological know hows, which we can employ
today.  Our banking sector is no long a teller withdrawal system but
rather every corner within our cities today now have visible ATM points. Was
this how it was 50 years ago?  Of course the answer is no, we have made
progress which today are acceptable by all. But there are yet very important
aspect of our system we are on the verge of neglecting. Our children today the
Nigerian Child today what  values are we teaching most. A walk on the
street at early hours you will notice teenagers operating a profession which
was once unspoken of our female children.   How wonderful
come 1st October, 2010,
our nation wakes up to find our
schools furnished with every materials needed to produce the very number of
graduates of the year at every level of education. ( Primary to University)
Industrialization will

bring about unspeakably visible change and professionalism in our
  Our abilities to begin to exist as an
end producer of a design system will yield an even distribution in our economy
and will help avoid sole dependence on crude oil.  What job creating
projects are in place today to meet up with the rate at which we are producing graduates. 
We are richly blessed with natural resources and graduates holding
certifications in fields alike. What then have stopped our dreams of
independence from being progressive.

We are young nation as many would criticize, but come to think about this, Dubai was just nothing yesterday, today it is a world class trade center. 
We can go beyond the possibilities of man, because our course in life is not
with man, but rather with God and together we can build anation worthy of history
and emulation by many nations.    


If  Nigerian could function effectively at the World bank, is that not enough evidence that we can control our finance wisely towards building a
nation of values.
   The western world today lives on
recycling system and its globally accepted as quality products. While we wear
the garment of wasteful resources.  I once made a joke with some friends, in
the western world, we are not allowed to defecate on the street, and if your
dog does you have to pack it, our farming system here in western world uses
defecates as organic manure, while we liters our street with ours as if its of
no values.  Even the defecates are valued here.  Does this make any
sense to you.   The number of wealth we have spend on
luxurious living if placed in use within our society our nation today will be
among the list of developed nations. 
  How funny
we live, driving very expensive mobilities while we do not understand the use
of road signs at any point because there are no adequate road signs on our
Rather we employ victimization on others around in order to
have a drive through to our destination.   

I have seen on our highways, handicaps on 4 wheel attached to a wood being rolled with the slippers they now wear on their hands, rolling at a
very fast speed undermining the fast moving vehicles, I once told a
friend this to me implies that life is rather better if one of these cars
could crush me than live like this in our father’s lands happens to be the song
I hear these helpless citizens sing as they roll their wooden Boris down the
road.  We have over looked the welfare of our Nigerian Child so long that
a national attention should be given therein. Let a system be instituted to
attend to the need of those who are truly handicaps, to easy their pains and
give them sense of belonging.  


Can we truly say this  about our nation today?  “But now, we have acquired our rightful status, and I feel sure that history will show that the building of our nation proceeded at the wisest pace: it has been
thorough, and Nigeria now stands well-built upon firm foundations.”


Finally, I plead with all to give an ear to change, which our nation need.  If this present government have a destiny with success we long wish for they alone cannot attain it, we all need to be like the broom
my father

once told me,  that if tied together it serves its purpose more
effectively.  Let our nation cease to lose her Child to other nations far
and near how are compelled to find lasting peace and pasture elsewhere.
A journey many have lost their lives and never to return again.   I
sincerely believe in Nigeria entering her better time in existence but it
depends on one very important person.  Nigerians – home and abroad and not
the international bodies to savage us of our predicament as a nation,

A closer look at statement made by one of our founding icon Late Nnamdi Azikiwe ( Ex-President) in respond to Nigeria's first military coup – January 1966

“None of the Nigerian political parties ever adopted violent means to gain our political freedom and we are happy to claim that not a drop of
British or Nigerian blood was shed in the course of our national
struggle for our place in the sun".


I am compelled to emphasis his choice of words as faithfully spoken with certainty which they did not only earn through honesty in service to our great nation, but with manifested evidence of fruits to show for their long waited
quest for self governance. He went on to express his belief in nature willing
our lives- “our place in the sun.” I share same strong belief
with such icon. We are the present future of Nigeria and this independence
handed down through those we remember when Nigerian independence is being
related. I employ every Nigerian Born Child to accept our place in the sun. It
is our destiny to bring about these icons words spoken with keen desire to
express a message that will linger through time.  Rather than employing bloodshed, aggressive arguments, deadly
riots, segregation of every kind, ethnic division, spiritual wars against
fellow  Born Child, we can still make a
difference today if only we stand our place as bearers of the same desire
shared by our pioneers.


 Happy celebration of true rebirth all.



 By Dumbili Joseph Awele.


NB: These pictures here were taken while driving along Oshodi Ikeja road - I still cry looking at this fate.  How safe is the future of our Nigeria Child?

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