In this 40 billion naira fraud,Tambuwal must not left out.

The truth of the matter is that this country and entire demoratic systey like and welcom the idea of pro-longing things and dullness in it reaction to matter's, even as vital as public fun's, being fraud by political office holder.
Aminu Tambuwal arrest is not an action to be delay Ngeria too welcom crimals, fruadster and prisoners to rule then an honest Nigerians. In this 4o billion naira, Bankole, Nafada and Tambuwal should not left out.
A hawk can't never comedown without carring anything, instead he pick a dry leaf. EFCC must pick this man (Tambuwal) up without delay, we must continue to preach.

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If he is Bankole's accomplice, he should be wisked away by EFCC.  EFCC has to prove to us that the war against corruption is not just a lip service but real.  No one should be shielded irrespective of one's position.


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