Importance of Maintaining Single Stage Hammer Crusher

For extending the service life of SINGLE STAGE HAMMER CRUSHER, only repairing the machine after it doesn’t work is not enough. The operator should maintain it carefully after daily using. The purpose of take care of single stage hammer crusher is to reduce the failure rate of the machine and improve the crusher working efficiency.


Then how to do it effectively and easily ? The following maintenance methods of the single stage hammer crusher will help you.


1, Before using the single stage hammer crusher, please carefully check whether the connection bolts is loose, whether there is the debris inside the crushing cavity of machine, whether the rotating bearing and other rotating parts’ lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the arranger and motor’s belt goes into rupture of multi layers, and whether the motor’s terminal box and grounding device is firmly connected, to ensure that the drive mechanism’s protective device is intact. Before the machine operating, to confirm the various parts of the machine in good order after inspection, then run the machine. This is an important content of single stage hammer crusher’s daily maintenance.


2, When single stage hammer crusher works, if there is a sudden shutdown in the normal operation, in the absence of the reasons, do not force start the machine before finding the failure reason; during the machine running process, if the machine happens abnormal vibration or operators hear any internal abnormal percussion, please stop the single stage hammer crusher immediately to check and clear trouble, forbid to directly open the machine to check.


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