I Mistakenly Cheated On My Wife With Her Kid Sister, Please Advise me

“My wife suddenly just fired my driver and gate man without informing me about it, I came home and she told me that they insulted her.

Fast forward to one year later, I mistakenly cheated with her kid sister and she found out, I begged and begged my soul out, the only thing that I did not give her was my life but she kept saying she was fine when I knew she was not.

So recently, I called her into the room and went on my knees as usual to beg and beg again. i was even crying .

All she did was laugh so loud, I felt it was getting to her and she was losing her mind then I held her hands and hugged her so tights, do you know what she told me as I hugged her, she said that, Baby do you know why I fired our former gate man and driver, I nodded my head and she said , it was because I Slept with them.

I pushed her away then she smiled and walked away.

This morning she told me it was a joke and she has forgiven me.

I am really worried, did she really do that? If she did then I think we are done.

Do you think I should investigate further or just let sleeping dogs sleep?

This has been hunting me I don’t have peace.”

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