I had three operations, use crutches after SARS men shot me – Hairstylist

An hairstylist simply identified as Mrs Hannah Olugbodi was reportedly shot on June 6, 2018 by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Lagos State.

Narrating her ordeal, she told PUNCH how the incident occurred while lamenting the financial and emotional toll it has taken on her and her family.

"My experience with SARS was on June 6, 2018. When I returned from work before 8pm, I went to Ijesha Market to buy some pepper to prepare my son’s breakfast to take to school the next day. Unknown to me, SARS men had gone to a hotel on Agunbiade Street nearby.

"I heard they went there to ask whether the hotel manager was around. A worker in the hotel said no. They (SARS policemen) told the boys there that they wanted to collect money from them. The boys told them, ‘The manager is not around, you can come back later.’ From there, they started shooting. Everybody ran. I too ran.

"The SARS operatives came outside and continued shooting. The bullet hit me in my left leg at the place I was buying pepper."

She continued; "I lost consciousness and regained it at the hospital. When I woke up, I told my husband I wanted to drink water.

"The doctor said they should not give me water and that there was no bed space for me. So, in my husband’s car, I was given the drip. At midnight, the hospital said they had a bed space and I was taken in.

"From that moment, it was my husband that signed for any treatment or surgery. I underwent three operations and it was my husband that paid. The government didn’t come or offer any help.

"Even the payments for the bed were made by my husband. He used everything he had and ended up broke. My sons have not gone to school since then."

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