'I collected over 300k from online relationship', man tells court

Samuel Ameh

A certain Mr Michael Toafeek Akanda has been arraigned before a magistrate court in Ajegunle, lagos state for allegedly collecting money under false pretense.

Akanda has been arraigned for collecting money from a lady(name withheld) who he met on metro dating site with the disguise name " Adebayo".

According to the statement presented to the court by the police, it was stated that mr Michael Taofeek Akanda has collected not less than 308 thousand Naira from the complainant in cash and sometimes in kind.

He also lied to the lady that he needs money to recover his late fathers property because he's the first child of his late father.

During the cross examination section by the prosecution lawyer, inspector Augustine, mr Akanda revealed to the court that, he has been collecting money from the lady for quite some times now, and he has lost count of the number of times he has collected money from her.

However, he pleaded not guilty of this charge. He pleaded that those statement where written under duress from the Investigating police officer(IPO) who is in charge of the case.

When asked by the prosecutor lawyer what he meant by the word "under duress". In his words he said, "they ask me to write exactly what they say and if I dont, I will be shot on the leg".

Akanda also noted the money he collected from the lady was meant for his upkeep as proposed by the lady.

He said "When ever she sends money into my account. I will ask her what the money is meant for, and her response will be, for your upkeep, just look good".

The defendant is a computer engineer by profession, from abeokuta ogun state.He also badge a dilpoma from This city computer science Ikeja.

The case has however been adjourned till the fourth of march 2020, for the next hearing.

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