According to christianity, humans are the most powerful creatures created by God, according to science and the theory of evolution, its the most sophisticated animal to have evolved( mostly exhibited in their attitude).

This complex set of creatures are enmeshed in a war of supremacy, battle of wits, fight for self-aggrandizement, and a struggle for self-actualization for for the length of their entire existence. The means with which these objectives are met happens to be an idle man's puzzle because only he has the time to finds theories of how to unravel the mystery.

Humans got so desperate and ambitious that they dont care a hoot how their affairs are been co-ordinated.

Like they say most times, "anything goes".

Human inter-relationship goes with a steep price of which everyone is liable. For socialiazation is quite a luxury.The world of socialization has turned into a theatre of acrimony with humans as the dramatis personae fighting so hard to outwit each other the moment anyone lets up.

Human beings, are by the law of nature, consummated to a certain degree by greed, jealousy and envy. All of which connotes with the concept of self-centredness. The price you pay for socialization is the timely restraining or limiting of these temperamental shortcomings.

There is virtually little or no time to assess and individuals level of progress or advancement, like i said earlier on its jsut a lazy's man game of understanding the concept of logic.

The bulk of the reason why humans indulge in the game of character defamation lies with the perception of their own inherent weakness which goes with some fear of apprehension linked to another theory that says "i might not be able to achieve this" . This phenomenon leads to another set of conjured theories which still points to one of my laws that states "humans see in an object or item what their believes has made them to see, not the real thing, but what the various conspiracy theories buliding up within them has coerced their eyes to believe".

Age can never be a yardstick for maturity. A 22-yr old's disposition of maturity might be greater than a 40-yr old's. It has to do with the accumulation of experience, experience sought for, experience percieved, or experience suddenly developed as a result of uncanny unyielding circumstances.

A greater part of our decisions has elements of bias and prejudice. The direct consequences of our actions are not immediately evaluated and hence become inhabitants of our subconsciousness. There ought to be a definition and a justificaiton of any action taken. Most people act on impulse. Its not because there was a need for the action taken but because an external influence has besieged them. Its always rational to feel an internal sense of accomplishment once a predefined action has been executed not taking into cognizance the nature of the action.

Philosophically, life can be viewed from the point that every second counts with uncertainty. Most things, at times are masked with illusions which resurrects another theory that says " the more you look, the more you get blinded by what you see".

In conclusion, believe what you can. Be real.

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