Charles Anitha is a graduate, she studied Business Administration at Espam Formation University,  Benin Republic. She decided to go for barbing because she was passionate about it. She is the CEO of King's Cut Barber's Shop. In an Exclusive Interview with Abayomi Adekunle (CEO Exclusiveclue), She talked about how the occupation has been so far and her plans to deliver more. Enjoy the interview with her below:

As a female, why did you choose barbing?

I chose Barbing because I’m passionate about it and I love it so much

Describe your experience cutting hair according to clients' instructions and/or current hairstyles.

Sometimes some clients come with their own specifications that might not be the normal way of cutting. Sometimes I am frustrated but I just have to follow their instructions carefully.

How do you feel when barbing men's hair?

Excited! happy .. I just feel very fulfilled

For how many years have you been barbing people's hair?

I have been barbing people’s hair for Nine (9) years

Looking at how far you've gone in barbing? Are you considering barbing as something your children can also run?

Oh yes !!!! Yes Yes

Did you learn barbing yourself or you served as an apprentice under someone?

Myself... And I ask questions from other barbers who are really good at what they do.

What have been your biggest surprise in this barbing business?

Hmmmmm my biggest surprise? There was a day a man walked into my office to get a haircut, as soon I finished, he gave me 10k  and the service charge was 500 naira

Do your parents support you barbing people’s hair?

Yes! 100%

Which celebrity are you looking forward to barbing his/her hair?

Davido!!! I can’t wait for him to come through

What's your favorite hairstyle?

Fade and skin cut

 Are you in a relationship?

No, not for now

Hope it isn't your occupation that is affecting your relationship?

No, not at all

Had it been you were not a barber, what would have been your job?

Nigeria Custom

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