How well do students perform under the supervision of their teachers?

When parents send their children to school, it shouldn’t seem like they don’t know how to do the teaching better; I suppose someone thought of it and decided to invent the idea of school for a reason. If my guess is right, it is to inspire creative and thoughtful minds. The idea of school is already saturated with so many fields of knowledge with some people having to interfere into the intellectual capability of others just like the case of teacher-students.

The fundamental standard of learning in the formal education setting demands that students learn from teachers even when the teachers is not proven knowledgeable in that field. Now this is a prevalent issue in tertiary institutions were students happen to choose undergraduate project topics under the watch of their supervisors who sometimes may not decipher correctly a bad undergraduate project topic from a good one.

Here is what happens when students learn under the supervision of their teachers – it a two edged sword.

Students are guided against mistakes

Certainly students at all level are guided against mistakes especially when it involves project based learning. At the undergraduate level where students are mandated to present a final year project, supervisors are assigned to each student for the same purpose. Student’s oversights are noted and corrected either politely or rudely, either way works. Lol.

Possibility of limiting student’s creativity scope

By trying to correct their mistakes, teachers indirectly align student’s thought and ideas to a limit, confining their creativity to a limited scope. The place of a teacher is project based learning cannot be overlooked though but in many cases, the negative influence has been the reason behind many discouragements among students.

I’ did advice that parents and teachers alike, if they care so much about student’s academic performance, should engage their children and students respectively in a personal discussion. This avenue helps you understand how students prefer to be taught or supervised, why and a thoughtful way to assist.

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