How useful is teaching practice to undergraduates’ trainees of education?

Teaching practice is one of those programmes that assure student teachers of a practical experience of their course of study before graduating as certified teachers. It is a teacher-preparatory programme that allows Education undergraduates to undergo a temporary period of teaching in any school they are assigned. This is mostly in the form of industrial attachment for 3-6 months or more.

It is very important that undergraduates of education go through this programme before undertaking their education projects and research work (see education projects and research materials) since practical experience gives less of abstract opinions and more of inclusive teacher-students experience aswell as mirrors divers angles of experiences that students could research more about and possibly proffer practical solutions.

In essence, teaching practice is very useful to undergraduate trainees of education is numerous ways including:-

Influencing students learning

Students learn and understand differently and at varying pace; same way, some students prefer and enjoy some methods of teaching than the others. This is exactly significant to undergraduate student teachers (students who study education in the university), who get to see the two sides of learning and practice. The learning spree attached to teaching itself is endless and to talk of the experiences and prompting situation that may arise during the period of teaching practice is daring.

Education theories, just like in other fields of learning often sounds abstract especially when it comes from an ancient scholar with over used and worn out theories. With classroom preparatory programmes like teaching practice, students teaching horizon get to expand, they get to choose which theories are practicable, which to hold unto and which to leave.

Promotes inclusive learning

By inclusive learning, it plainly means that the student teachers learn while also teaching other students in various levels of education including secondary education, primary education or early childhood levels of education. How? I had mentioned earlier that individuals perceive, learn and understand differently. Inclusively, being in position of a teacher in practice makes more sense to an average students teacher than ordinary paper work.

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