How to troubleshoot the QuickBooks running slow in Multi-user Mode?

At times, QuickBooks run lethargically due to some specific reasons. It could possibly be anything reason such as big data or company files, network error issues, and others. These might act as an obstacle and decelerate the speed of the QuickBooks application. In this technical post, we are going to endow you with the absolute knowledge about this problem. However, if you would like to resolve this QB issue on urgent basis – we recommend you to get in touch with our helpdesk were you can talk with our live QuickBooks experts.


Some of the potential reasons due to which this problem arises are given below:

  • When the lots of users are accessing the same module at the same time.
  • It might be possible that the QB data file sizes are too large to handle by the system.
  • When the huge report files are running on the machine.

Steps to Enhance the Performance

Check out the steps given below to increase the performance of the system:-

  • Try to decrease the date ranges on the big reports.
  • Replace slow network or faulty Interface Card (NIC).
  • Reduce the number of shared users.


In case, you seek support of the experts of QuickBooks..! Dial the toll-free support number of QuickBooks certified technician’s .i.e. +1-800-880-6389. Pro Accountant Advisor is a team of certified QuickBooks technician that helps the QuickBooks users to fix the issues related to QuickBooks accounting tool.


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