How to Repair the Vulnerable Parts of the Hammer Crusher?

With the poor working environment, constant erosion and the huge load, many parts of the crusher have the possibility of damage. If there is no proper maintenance, the possibility of failure is relatively high. In general, the hammer crusher can run smoothly. If the material mix with high hardness metal block, there will be accidental damage, seriously damaging the spindle, bearings, etc. Usual wearing parts of hammer crusher are: hammer, hammer frame, grate bar, and liner.

Repair of Hammer
High manganese steel is widely used in the current market. When a side of the hammer wears, you can flip it. However, when both sides of the hammer are seriously worn, it is difficult to repair the head. So, selection of new metal materials of hammer is a good way to extend the lifetime of hammer head.

Repair of Hammer Frame
The side hammer and the cabinet usually suffer the gouging abrasion of materials. In addition, after a long time working, the hammer head shaft h*** in the hammer frame will be worn to flat h***, affecting the usual working of the hammer. One way to repair frame is to build up welding by welding rod. The hammer head shaft h*** can layout for drilling again after weld annealing.

Repair of Grid Section
Worn grid section can be repaired by building up welding, but we must pay attention to the gap between the grate sizes. The flawed grid section can be repaired by welding, but we must pay attention to the surfacing welding line. We need change a new grid section when broken.

Repair of the Liner
In order to save the valuable manganese steel welding, we can firstly build up welding inside of the liner with steel welding and then use manganese steel welding. To save the time of welding, we can build up welding to strip and reticular. The intermittent gap should be neither too dense nor too sparse.

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