Bleach is a household item that is commonly used It is easier to produce than all others and more profitable. You can produce it in small quantity for personal use or in large quantity or commercial purpose. It all depends on you. Do you know that you can produce bleach that can compete with others produced by big companies in Nigeria? Yes, I mean it; you can produce bleach with just N1000.00 and double or even triple your capital on a daily basis. Especially, if you can supply to organisations. 


(1) H.T.H (chlorine)

(2) Soda Ash

(3) Caustic Soda (optional)


1kg of soda ash and 1kg of H.T.H (chlorine) is one set of bleach that should be used with 25ltrs of water.


Add HTH (chlorine) into your water (25 liters) stir very well and allow for 30 mins then add soda ash, stir very well and allow it to settle down and use.


You have to filter it before bottling it for use or sale. After filtering, bottle the colorless part while you keep the white residue for your own use.

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