Ok this is a great topic I would like to add to in my capacity as the C.E.O of sms justinthyme ventures (www.smsjustinthyme.com). I was once wandering same few years back ''Do People Really Make Money Online?'' Thanks be to God for bringing to me one man(Mr Joseph Phillips) who was then like an eye opener to me.
This is what successful internet gurus do, they successfully guide others to success and thereby equally being successful. Its a weird secret, but it works. In Sms Justinthyme we define success as the success of our partners ''Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are''.

Now to the business of making money online. I would like to add Bulk SMS.
When I started this online business called bulk sms it was like would this really work? But one thing that kept me going was the simple fact that these business gives me control over everything.

*I can credit my users
*I can block a user
*I can determine how much I want to sell my units for
*I can manually add users
*I can fix the number of free units I want to offer to users
*I can run my business anywhere in the world as long as I have got an internet enabled device
*I can receive payments online even when I am sleeping and so on...

There was one mistake I did when I started this business, which is one of my reasons to write this post. I went for the cheapest offer I got online and fell into the wrong hands. On my research adventure I came across several resellers that offered to build my Bulk sms portal for N40,000, N30,000, and even N50,000 but I stumbled upon bulksmsnigeria.net who offered to do the same portal for N13,500. Believe me, it was a relief I had thought. I made the payment immediately and within 48hours my site was ready.

My first eyebrow popped up when I clicked on the register menu of my new site to find that it opens up a register menu with same site template as mine but with a different URL similar to mine, which means everybody that signs up on my site would be registered on the hidden site and not on mine. This was like a monkey dey work baboon dey chop kind of scenerio. I immediately took it off myself and made a complain. To cut the story short This company are not what they profess they are, cus they also built my portal with a joomla 1.5 and without a license key . Hell damn! what happened to the high and mighty SPC, atleast SPC 2 would have even been a fair deal.I had to spend extra 20k for an upgrade. So please if you are making your way towards this line of online biz be careful of such resellers. Spend good money to get the best deal, it lays a good foundation for your bulk sms business believe me.

For those of us wandering what bulk sms is and how to use it kindly visit our blog www.smsjustinthyme.com/bulksmsblog for free info.
While those of us who wants to ply this route of online business and make good money online can simply contact us via www.smsjustinthyme.com or call Nicholas on 08132884087.

How Much Can I earn Doing This Business?
For those of us wandering how much you can make vying into this business, I would like to tell you emphatically that with these business your income is unlimited especially when you fly with us.
This is because we offer you lots of free bonus that can earn you weekly high income with zero investment.
First of all, take for instance you win 10 big churches over to use your bulk sms platform. If this churches send out weekly messages with 10,000 units, then it simply means you sell out 100,000 units every week to this churches.
You can buy units for as low as 90kobo/N1.30kobo from us as our reseller depending on your preferred plan.
Now lets work on the basic 90kobo plan

100,000 units at 90kobo each would cost you N90,000
You can sell for N1.30 to N1.50 per unit which earns you minimum profit of 40kobo per unit and maximum of 60kobo per unit
40kobo multiplied by 100,000 = N40,000 weekly income.

Trust me you can have more than 10 churches cus you can close great deals with multi national compnies as we currently have 3 courier companies and 4 big transportation company that uses our services plus different churches all around Nigeria. Not to mention the small time buyers that can use 1000 units on a weekly basis. Remember drops of water makes an ocean.

You can also earn money from selling all the free internet resources we would be giving to you as our reseller which includes

* INEC 2015 GSM PHONE NUMBER DATABASE categorized by first name, second name, gender, LGA, and states. This is worth 60k and 10k for each states.
* A well detailed and comprehensive video guide that teaches you how to design a bulk sms website yourself. A secret that will help you keep 100% of the profit when you start getting resellers under you. (Video is worth 12k from us online).
* A Free Ebook on how to make money online in Nigeria.
Believe me with all this resources in your disposal, you are bound to make money online, if you follow all the guidelines that draws traffic to your site.

Nicholas Lawrence Onumara
(CEO) SMSJustinthyme Ventures

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