Now, let's teach you some funky ways to make her feel like a woman without sex.


To make her feel like a woman without sex is a very easy thing to do, though some think it's difficult for them to do, of course not!. Men are duly advised to take note of these pieces of advice:

* Hug Her First

Hugging a woman helps her been relieved of all that troubles her mind at that moment. Don't leave her, even when she wants to stop the hug, hold her so tight and whisper some good and romantic words to her, She really needs to hear those sexy words form you, not from outsiders. 


While you are hugging her kiss her neck and make her feel relaxed with you and you alone. It changes a lot of thing in her, it makes her feel like a woman, more than she has ever felt before. Though you might not know, the truth is: it really works. Wow!


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