Every new year, we vow to be a better person, we vow to eat well, sleep, and be a better person than we used to be but before the first and second month of the year, we forget all the declarations we made, we will start living the lives pattern we lived in the past years, it's really not gonna happen this year. I want you to tell yourself the truth because the truth is always bitter, tell your self the bitter truth and be free the operations of negativity that dealt with you last year, so that this year will be better than that of last year. 

How to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle in 2018

* Protect your Skin

Your skin should be your priority this year, make the best out of your skin. Give it a total protection as much as you can, when you are prepared to go out in a sunny day, be conscious of exposing your skin to the hot sun because it either darkens your skin or it shrinks it. Mind the kind of cream you apply in your skin, When applying any lotion of any type in your skin, make sure it's a lotion that will really keep your skin soft and not harden it. Always remember that you are what you dress. Your dressing matters a lot this 2018, make your dressing an outstanding smart looking one. Make your self a goddess to the attire you put on. When you wonder how pretty you look in that dress, you could imagine how pretty you will be in the eyes of the people in the world. Trust me, you will be some people's role model in dressing this year! If you are wearing suits, see tips on buying suits this year! 

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