How to Lower the Crushing Wall and Concave Wear of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is mainly used for crushing the high-hardness ore material, but the high-hardness ore material will bring the serious friction and impact to the cone crusher equipment. The crushing wall and concave also called cone crusher liner, because of the frequent and direct contact with the material in the daily crushing process, they are the most serious cone crusher fittings. So, what is the main reason for the abrasion of cone crusher concave and crushing wall? How to reduce their wear? That's what we're going to introduce to you.

Causes of cone crusher concave and crushing wall wear

1.Larger load and force
In the production of cone crusher, the cone crusher concave (fixed cone liner), cone crusher crushing wall (movable cone liner) and the pre-crushing ore just form a three-dimensional abrasive wear, the liner surface is in the complex stress state. The crushed ore creates the enormous pressure on the liner surface, at the same time, the high-speed operation of the crushing wall produces the great shear stress, under both simultaneous effects, the cone crusher concave and crushing wall are chipped, cut, impacted and squeezed and have the serious wear and tear.
2.Bad working conditions
Because cone crusher has been working outdoors for a long time, so the crushing wall and concave will inevitably suffer from the wear and tear, and if the cone crusher is in the worse working conditions, it will aggravate the wear of cone crusher liner. When cone crusher is applied in mineral processing production, due to the variety of mineral rock types, the wear degree of cone crusher concave and crushing wall is not only related to the ore stress distribution and ore size, but also associated with the Platts hardness of ore's compressive strength.
3.Too hard and too large feeding material
Because of the different hardness of materials crushed by cone crusher, the fixed cone liner and movable cone liner have different wear degrees. The higher hardness of feeding material, the cone crusher liner will bear the stronger impulse load in crushing production; In the case of the same ore hardness, the larger size of the ore in the crushing chamber of cone crusher, the worse the liner wear.

How to lower the cone crusher concave and crushing wall wear and improve their service life?
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