The life of an entrepreneur is a dedicated one, everything around him circles on finance and management. Investment is the key analysis for the future and the eons to come. Business already has the definition of a risky undertaken where one assumes complete liability for every commercial activity he or she embarks on. According to a business dictionary, an investor is one who expands a capital in expectation of a pleasant return.

Nigeria is one of the limelight countries around the globe offering tremendous business opportunities to its inhabitants and in what we call "a virtual extension", it also presents non-occupants and distant fans the possibility of Sustainability and financial buoyancy with mind-boggling opportunities which can even be embraced still from a distance. While considering opportunities available to you for possible tapping into, it is very important to carefully consider, compare and contrast the obvious factors entailed with respects to progress in these sectors.

Without wasting much time, let's proceed to discuss a few necessary criteria's to consider in order to be able to firmly conclude if an investment or an investment opportunity is a wise project to embark on.

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