How to Improve the Anti-wear Nature of Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment that uses the impact energy to crush materials and can crush materials into finer granularity than jaw crusher. Many impact crusher users know that it needs quite high toughness requirement for the blow bars of impact crusher to crush the materials with higher hardness and strength. And why do users pay more attention to the wear resistance of impact crusher blow bars? What can we do to improve its anti-wear property? You will get answers from the following text.

1.Improve the raw material wear resistance of impact crusher blow bars

Generally, we use the high manganese steel blow bars to crush the medium hard rocks, use the chromium molybdenum alloy cast steel and high chrome white cast iron to crush the high-hardness rocks, because these raw materials possess the great wear resistance and corrosion resistance. But if we weld the high manganese steel electrode on the common high manganese steel blow bars, it will increase the impact crusher blow bars life by 30% compared with the common high manganese steel blow bars, besides, if embedding the low alloy white cast iron in common high manganese steel blow bars, which can make the life of common impact crusher blow bars more than double.

2.Select the work parameters of impact crusher blow bars reasonably

The unit pure abrasion of the impact crusher blow bars is proportional to the linear velocity of the rotor, so it is very important to choose the right rotor linear velocity. Fote Machinery provides the effective way is on the premise of guaranteeing the required product particle size, to reduce the rotary speed of rotor as far as possible, and to reduce the abrasion of the blow bars at the relatively low linear velocity.

3.Select the structure of impact crusher blow bars reasonably

The working face of impact crusher blow bars has two kinds: wide and thick, narrow and thin. The wide and thick working face has larger effective wear amount. There are the impact crusher blow bars can work with one head or both two heads, have single working face or double working faces. The single-head blow bar only has one wear surface, the double-head has two wear surfaces, so the blow bar with double heads and double working faces has four wear surfaces. Under the same condition of raw material, the impact crusher blow bar with larger effective wear amount and more wear surfaces has longer service life. Therefore, we choose blow bars with the structure of wide and thick working face, double heads and double surfaces, which can greatly improve the service life of our impact crusher blow bars.

4.Improve the utilization rate and reduce the replacement time of impact crusher blow bars

The utilization rate and replacement time of impact crusher blow bars have a very close relationship with its structural form and fixed way, the effective method is to adopt the symmetrical structure and simple fastening way, or adopt the big flip door, big overhaul door shell, which can not only improve the utilization rate of blow bars, prolong their service life, also can realize the more convenient replacement of them.

Of course, the daily maintenance of FTM impact crusher blow bars is the key to increase its wear-resisting performance. The operator needs to correctly and regularly maintain them, timely eliminate the foreign body sticking on the surface of impact crusher blow bars to ensure their surfaces in good contact with material, which not only can improve the anti-wear property and service life of impact crusher blow bars, but also strengthen the crushing efficiency of impact crusher.

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