For all those people who are curious to know everything about this Yoga Burn Booty Challenge, here is everything you need to know. The Yoga burn program is mainly an amazing 12-week program designed for women by Zoe Bray-Cotton. The program is basically designed using the Dynamic Sequencing Yoga that helps you lose weight without going to gym. The beauty of this Yoga Burn program is that you can practice it anywhere you like. Be it your home or park, you can perform these exercises just anywhere. What make this program unique than other weight loss programs available online is the fact that it doesn’t ask you to repeat the same set of exercises every day. It provides you the 12 weeks of Yoga workouts to do on a regular basis which gradually become tough. Performing these sets of yoga workout will surely help you get lean and toned body within 12 weeks. Also unlike other programs, this Yoga Burn program is available in both digital and physical format and it is totally up to you to decide which format would you like to prefer. The program is also best for all those people who don’t get much time to attend yoga classes or want to spend much money to lose weight. Yoga Burn program provides you all the freedom and flexibility to do these yoga workouts in your spare time and within a comfort of your home. The program consists of a 12- week video series that are very easy to follow. You will get to watch Zoe Bray-Cotton perform all these yoga moves and exercises. Along with these yoga moves, you will also get to learn the perfect body adaptation.

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