How To Get A World-Wide Visa Card For Your Online Payments In Nigeria

Hello Pals,


Have you been looking for a way to Pay Online from Nigeria?


Have you ever been ripped off in the process of trying to make online payments?


Have you tried paypal accounts but after loading funds it gets banned?


If your answer to the above questions are YES

Then you have to listen to me carefully as am going to show you an unbelievable top secret which you might not discover in the next 5years to come.


What is this TOP Secret and why is it a secret?

This secret is about an existence of a Visa Card that is accepted online in every website that accepts Visa Card Payments, This visa card is issued in Nigeria by a financial Institution but this card exists without people knowing about it. And the most interesting part of this Card is that you get it same day of application for a fee of N500 only. I decided to call this secret because a 99% of Nigerians don’t know about the existence of this card except those that i have revealed this information to.


Before I discovered the existence of this card I have been using Zenith Bank Websurfer MasterCard and GTB Naira MasterCard but I dislike these 2 for the following Reason.

1. Zenith Bank Websurfer: Zenith Bank websurfer MasterCard’s cost $120, after the activation $100 will be inside the card while $20 will be the fee for the card and the most tiring aspect of this is that you must buy dollars when applying and whenever you want to load it you must also buy Dollars Currency before going to the bank because they don’t accept naira for the card loading or activation, and this card expires every 1 year and you cant withdraw money from this card

2. GTBank Naira Mastercard: This card are sometimes rejected on many online stores like Clickbank, Amazon and the rest but accepted on few websites and I experienced a lot of over charging from my account when using this card, sometimes funds will disappear from my account and I will be shown one statement of an online purchase which I did not make.


But this Visa Card surpa**** all of them, Because you apply for it with Naira, you fund it with naira, It stays 3years before expiring and you can also withdraw money from the card unlike the websurfer, and this card can be used to pay online in every online store that accepts visa card including, Amazon, Clickbank and all of the website hosting/registration platforms, infact anywhere you see the visa card LOGO this card will work there expect on Paypal Website. This Card cannot work on PAYAPL website.

When i discovered the existence of this Institution and this Card from a Friend in The United States who is a Nigerian, i shared it with Patrick Ogidi of Wealthlifters Concept, together we applied for this card and got it same day, we tested and confirmed this card working that was what got me crazy that i decided to promote and reveal the existence of this Card so that any Nigerian willing to make online Payments from Nigeria can do so with ease and without fear of losing his/her funds.


After getting this card you will be given access to an online platform where you can be able to log into your Card Account and view statements of transactions, see the Picture below for my own online account access.

To achieve this i compiled a .PDF E-book that explains every step in getting this package and this e-book is on hot sale @



Features Of This Card

  • Real time banking transactions
  • Balance enquiry
  • Purchase at Pos
  • Purchase on WEB
  • ATM Cash withdrawal
  • Pos cash Advance
  • Mini account statement
  • Card to Card transfer
  • Worldwide acceptance: Visa Prepaid is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Instant payment: Faster than writing cheque or running to ATM.
  • Makes shopping simple: Book travel and shop online in addition to making your everyday purchases fast and convenient.
  • You don’t need to open a bank account to get This Card

Benefits Of Owing This Card According to the Issuers Finacial Institiution And As Proven By My and Patrick Ogidi

  • Creates a simple convenient alternative to cash or debit card payments.
  • No need to open or have a bank account in order to have a Prepaid Card.
  • The card issuance process is simplified.
  • Provides better record keeping than cash (a history of transactions spent on the Prepaid Card is available on GTP card management system which is available on the internet).
  • Increase the feeling of security as the Prepaid Card holder remain in control of the card during transactions - a personal identification number (PIN) is used alongside the Prepaid Card as well as an SMS Text Alert is received in real time with the transaction placed.
  • Eliminates the need to carry large sums of cash.
  • When cash is lost or stolen, the money is gone forever and in most cases cannot be recovered. In the case of a lost or stolen Prepaid Card, the value on the cardholder’s account remains intact and can be transferred onto a replacement card or another Prepaid Card.
  • Allow for the non-banking population (non-account holders) to obtain a Visa Prepaid Card and become part of a financial world.
  • Debit card holders afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me?

Am Godswill Ohazuruike an Internet Business Consultant, Coach and Social Media Marketer.

Am well known for Business consultations and helping people bring their business to the internet through social media networks like Myspace, Facebook etc.

He is the founder & CEO of Gurus Marketing Services an information marketing publishing and coaching outfit registered with Coperate Affairs Commission Nigeria with Reg Number: IM5675

Am not one of these internet marketers that does not practice what they claim to teach people, before I teach whatever I have practiced it and proved it working.


See proofs of this card online account access below

That’s my own online card management platform as you can see my name "Godswill Ohazuruike above. I don’t say what I don’t know.


How Do I Get This Card?

If you want to get this card, you need to buy our Visa Card E-book from


In the e-book we explained/ revealed the office addresses of the Financial Institution that issues this card in all the 36 States of Nigeria, they have offices in all the States in Nigeria and we also explains how to go about applying for the card. Every information you need to get this card is explained in the e-book and the cost is N3, 000.


To get a copy of this e-book click ==>


Do I Have A Guarantee?

You are covered with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you pay for this package and you didn’t get what you paid for simply send an email to and request for a refund of your money and if we didn’t refund you.

You can take a legal action against us by reporting to the police, icpc or effc as it will be easy to find us because we are registered with Coperate Affairs Commission.


We look forward to doing business with you.



Godswill Ohazuruike

C.e.o, Gurus Marketing Services


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Hello Godswill,

Seeing the potentials of this card, I will like to know more information about the card before thinking of buying your ebook.

My questions are:

1. what are the charges on this card?

In terms of the charges, I will like to know the cost of the card, how much it is to activate? what other charges come with spending the card on POS, online and using ate the local and international ATMs?

2. For this card, is it a Prepaid Card in Nigeria that is linked to my Nigeria bank current account?

3. What are other benefits that comes with this cards that is not on my Visa or MasterCard current account card?


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