In order to resolve Quicken error cc-502:

1.First, you need to confirm that you’re on the latest release of Quicken. 
You can check for updates by navigating to Help > Check for Updates. A confirmation prompt will appear advising you that you are on the latest release if there are no updates available.
2. Second, wait for one business day and then refresh the information of your online account.
The error is usually caused by maintenance issues that your bank’s website might be facing. You retry updating it in a few hours or try it the following business day. In case the issue still seems to persist even after that business day, you need to follow the steps provided below to resolve your issue:
Click Open the transaction register for the account with the error message.
Next, you need to select the Gear Icon situated on the upper right side of the register, and then click on Update Now.
Now, follow instructions displayed on-screen to complete the update.

Finally, you must repeat the same action for each of the accounts that is facing this error.

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