How to fix Error – ‘QuickBooks won’t open your company file’

How to fix “QuickBooks won’t open your company file issue:

Carry out the below-given steps to rectify any of the above-given error messages.
First of all,  ensure that the problem is with the file & nothing wrong is the in the program.  Click the ‘Control key’ & double click the QuickBooks Icon. In case QuickBooks does start, then it is a problem. However, if you know that this is not the problem then perform the below steps.
Ø  Ensure you are working on the latest version of QuickBooks.
Ø  Now open the file on the same version that was last opened.
Ø  Perform the following tasks:
o    Go to Windows, look for the company file on your device.
o    Now right click the file to select ‘Properties.’
o    Go to ‘Properties’ and select QuickBooks
o    You will view a box that will show a previously used version.
Ø  Open the ‘company file via QuickBooks.’ To do this carry out the below steps.
o    Navigate to the ‘File menu’ and select ‘Open/Restore company.’
o    Now select the appropriate ‘radio button’ depending upon the file type.
o    Now go to the location where the ‘Company file’ is located & select the file.
o    Do the steps to put the file in the ‘Correct location.’ For the Accountant’s copy, you need to go to ‘File menu’ and choose ‘Convert Accountants copy transfer file.’
Ø  Now stop all the reports and the QuickBooks Windows to open. You can do this by pressing the ‘Alt Key.’
o     Choose the file & press Alt key
o    Select ‘Open’ and come to a login window. You need to release the ‘Alt key’ & give the login info.
o    Click the ‘Alt Key’ again when you press OK.
o    Now hold the ‘Alt key’ until the file opens up or see an error message.
Ø  Try to open and view ‘a sample company file. If you fail to open one, then it means there is a QuickBooks Installation issue.
Ø  Now change the ‘Company file location.’
Ø  View the properties of this file. Navigate to Window Explorer & right click on the ‘File’ to select properties. The file size needs to be minimum of 7 MB & it shouldn’t be encrypted/compressed.
Ø  Now try ‘renaming the file.’

Ø  Remove the multi-user access by ‘clicking’ on ‘Utilities’ option in the file menu.

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