If you are having sound is not working problem on your asus laptop. It could be due to the several possible reasons. So you should check the following settings.

  1. First of all, you need to be sure about the mute function. Be sure you have not muted the sound by mistake. If you find it muted. You need to go ahead and un-mute it immediately.
  2. Let’s try to raise the volume. Be sure, you have not turn down the volume. Once you will raise the volume. You should play music to ensure if you can hear any sound from your laptop or not.
  3. After following above instructions, if sound is still not working on asus laptop. You should insert the external speakers or earphone into your pc or laptop. Now try to play music. Let’s see if it is working now or not. If you still couldn’t hear any sound from your laptop. You should check the sound card on your pc.
  4. Do not forget to update the sound driver on your pc. Most of the time, people face such kind of problem due to the outdated audio driver. You should always try to update it time to time. After updating the sound driver, you should reboot your pc once.
  5. Let’s uninstall the sound driver from your pc. Now shut down your laptop for one minute and then power it back on. After rebooting your pc, it’s a time to install the new sound driver into your pc.

After following follow these instructions, if your router driver is still not working. You should go ahead and factory restore the pc to the default date. When sound on your computer was working fine. It will automatically resolve the problem. Somehow, if you still deal with the same problem,  you need to visit: Advance guide to fix asus laptop no sound problem

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