How To Enjoying Unlimited Browsing With Glo Line Using Chocolate

View of us will still remember the last term i posted Glo G-Bam tweak because we really enjoyed it, i confirmed then that Glo network is the best for browsing. Today am happy to tell you that we have discovered another means to browse free with Glo Network on your System.

This tutorial will tamper with your imagination because you are about to learn how to browse with #0.0 on your Glo line and how will you feel if you are able to browse with this Glo line free for life?
without much stories, let’s go straight to the point.

This just a simple tutorial and I need you to follow me carefully because if you miss any steps, it won’t work out for you.

Chocolate VPN is the secret behind the free browsing with your Glo line. All you need is;

1. Download the “Unlimited” file Below
2. Create a new folder on your desktop and unzip the unlimited file into it
4. Open the folder and launch the chocolate .jar file ( Note: you must have the latest version of Java Runtime installed on your system) if you don't have java runtime download it here
5. If the chocolate.jar file refuses to lunch, download jarfix.exe (Its a java app); but if it lunches, proceed to the next step
6. A window will pop up showing an image without a head, on that image type the word "justine" without quotes

7. Once the word is typed you will now be able to put in your settings, click on Settings

8. Note: you are only permitted to change the server address and script path unless when we tell you to change anything else (this server address and script path will be given to you by us)

9. Click Save then click Start

0. Now go to your browser, Mozilla, click Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Network >> Settings
11. Select Manual Proxy Configuration
12. Input the setting as it is show in the screenshot below

12. Then click Save
13. Connect your glo sim without money through apn: or or or glosecure

Note: When it's connected, you will see the red eyes turn green

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get more @

or follow the link below,195.0.html

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