How to deal with the issues of marketing skilled labor

Research has shown that one of the issues associated with indigenous business growth across the globe is marketing. Very significant among them is the lack of understanding of a better way to sustain the marketing of skilled labor. Viewing this issue from the professional point of view, it’s very easy to peg this issue to lack of professionalism and if so, is everyone meant to go through the formal education to be licensed for skill? Well no…a typical trade person would rather opt-in for a six years apprenticeship and get settled after learning and serving his ‘Oga’ (boss) than go through school where he is not even so sure of being financially equipped for the real trade business after school.

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But that’s not much of the problem though; the issue here is that most of the skilled labors like plumbing, roofing, sewing, and making of thatched roofs (for hotels, cool huts in residential houses), skilled writing and many more are almost not marketed strategically such that a legacy is sustained to benefit generations to come. We rather promote and celebrate short term sales and income rather than brand building and sustainability of skilled labor.

To deal with this issue, a system of educating young people and skilled laborers on how to build a career around their skills with a touch of professionalism is enough to say good bye to extinction.

Skilled laborers, many that I know, do not make so much out of their skill because they are not trained to approach those who can really pay for the tasks they can do; they only work for you if you approach them. Writing of proposals may never have crossed the minds of many skilled laborers because they didn’t learn the business side of the skill.

That’s one of the missing links I mentioned earlier and to deal with them, the following should be considered;

  • Established skilled laborers can professionally institute training grounds for up-coming skilled laborers.

  • The institutes can be a starting base for the trainees both financially and professionally

  • Every trainee should be issued license for professional operation and should be subject for upgrade. This is so that as new skills emerge, the trainees are compelled to adopt the contemporary trends.

  • The training may be substitute for formal education as long as it is bent on aligning skilled laborers to the top and matching them with professionalism and sustainability


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Yes you are right. With the current data set, marketers can't handle the data. It takes a long time to process data and determine a target.


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