You will agree with me that Google mail, now Gmail is currently the best email server on the web. Having satisfied users more than Yahoomail, Gmail will still remain the best if it continue keep up with better, faster, safer, more friendly integrated features and interface that yahoomail couldn’t provide. is the official website of Google mail. It has all that an Ideal email client should have from email manager to calendar, etc. If you are an amateur to the internet and need to make an email account, I recommend you to using Gmail right away.

Today, In this post I will show you How to open a Gmail Account, and if they have already made an account. This post will also teach you how you can login to Gmail.
Step by step guide on How to open a Gmail Account

To create a free Gmail account, you have to get a Google account. All you need to do is simply follow the steps I’ve shown below and you will be able to make get yourself free Gmail account.

Step 1: visit or visit Google homepage and type in the search box.

Once you have opened the Gmail homepage, You will see form showing where you will put in your login username and password, kindly click the “create my account” link below.
Please read the step by step guide on how to create a gmail account on Techliet.

1) visit gmail login page and sign in to enjoy new email account.

NOTE: make sure you choose your password wisely and choose the one you wont forget. you can read up the importance of email security questions.

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Have written something related to gmail and other google related posts on my blog. But i must confess you have a nice writing skill. I wish we could some day guest posts on each others blog.

Am a blogger  at Naija Gist too.

Yahoo Mail is another email service that one should have an account with despite their pitfalls.

Bro, this is true, I even looked at statistics and more than 65 percent of people believe that gmail is much better than other mailbox creation services, but nevertheless, hackers can easily crack it. If you, like my friend, indicate your gmail somewhere, for example, on some forum or when registering on a dubious site, with a high probability, after some time it will be hacked and all information will be stolen. Such a story happened to my friend who accidentally when registering on one landing page, he indicated his main gmail. As a result, it turned out that the administration was selling user data to hackers, who hacked mail and blackmail clients. Therefore, in order not to fall into the clutches of fraudsters, you just need to use temporary emails to register on sites or communicate by mail. Temporary mail at will self-destruct after a certain amount of time and all the data on it too. So be on the lookout before handing any information to anyone.


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