There is no doubt, GoTV is one of the best paid satellite TV in Nigeria but it also has it bad side . Sometimes, you might be so unfortunate when your GOtv run into unexpected E016 Error code. If you ever experience this devastating GOTV E016 Error Message on your GoTV satellite, this is how to clear the Error Codes on GOtv.

To always enjoy and get the best out of your GOtv decoder you should be smarter to be on the edge, don’t ever miss out on any interesting program on your GOTV as a result of error codes . This is more reason you should pay proper attention as i teach you how to clear Error Codes on your GOtv satellite. It is no longer news that GOtv is one of the best satellite available for Nigerians to enjoy but the complicit part of this luxury is when you run into unplanned Error Codes issue on your GOtv .

This post will be your guide toward clearing your GOtv E016 Error Message or code. This Gotv Error E016 message is not a rear case for any GOtv user, this message will pop out when you forget or fail to pay for your subscription before it expires . After your GOtv ditch is re-subscription, this error message might keep displaying because you allowed it to expire before you subscribed. Note that even if you renew your subscription it will never stop showing you E016 error but there is a way to get rid of this error code . According to one GOTV user who messaged us, he said : ” My GOtv keeps displaying E016 after asking payment, and i have renewed my expires Gotv subscription but still experiences E16 Error” ? This is the message that was sent to us.

This problem is not experience my only GOTV users in Nigeria alone, the same is application to  users in Kenya, Malawi, Ghana and the rest country that has GOTV network. Check out the two method of clearing error code/message on GOTV , go with the one that you prefer but the two works.


Methods For Clearing Your GOtv E016 Error Code/Message



RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688

for example: RESET 2003029600 to 4688 (where 2003029600 is your IUC Number)


This method is way easier. Go to, select your country and click on the “clear error code” . At this point, you will be asked to login, you should make selection of the exact error you see on your screen and hit the clear button.

If you did this correctly then the error code should disappear immediately and your GOTV will be back to life once again.


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