The educational curriculum states that in order to be awarded a degree after the graduating, there is need to carry out a research in a field of study. Consequently, this is done at the final year level in all university institutions. A lot of students have challenge when it comes to choosing a research topic. This is as a result of the fact that they lack knowledge on the basics of choosing a good research topic such that most students score poor grades at the end of it or even have to change topic midway through. This write up therefore is aimed at helping final year student know the essentials when it comes to choosing a research topic. 
In order to impose order on the choice process and make the process less frustrating, we suggest the following procedure for the selection of a research topic: 
•        Decide on a functional area or areas of primary interest such as Engineering, production, computer science, management, education and so forth. 
•        Net choose a sub –area from the functional area. For instance a student who has interest in human resources may choose a topic on organizational behaviour or workplace hostility. 
•        Look for the possible research topics in that sub area.

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