How to Become Financially Successful as a Self Published Writer/Author

Writing and selling a book successfully must be about one of the most difficult professional tasks in today’s competitive world. As I have found out from my own experience there are many things that can prevent you from hitting it big as an author and bad marketing is one of them.

Creating a bestseller doesn’t lie only in writing an irresistible book. People will have to know that the book is that good to buy it. So even before you write the first word you have to do some strategic thinking along the line of marketability of your book.

I will not bother you with advice on how to write a good book. It is not a topic for one article and is not even our concern in this article. There are many resources online and offline that can teach any aspiring writer or author how to write well.

Our major focus is how anyone (that includes you) can self-publish his book and make it a commercial success (that is sell enough copies to make reasonable profit). I assume if you are reading this that you aim to sell many copies of your book for profit. Even if you are not and are more concerned with getting enough thousand copies of your book out there to boost your career or profession without incurring costs this article may well serve your interests.

As a self published writer what it means is that you are going to publish your book yourself (probably because you can’t get any established publishing house to sign you up). That also means you are going to pay for the book publishing from the typing and cover design process to the actual printing. It is a very challenging task, especially, in the Nigerian market

First Find Your Idea..

More Detailed Breakdown Here

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Well, it's all about sales. I mean, you need to create a brand which people will trust. So when you release a book, everyone knows that it's good. And to achieve that, you need to approach the whole thing properly. Throw ads, get some promotional items to give away, run a blog, work on your blog/website. Sounds complicated but actually, you'll be fine once you get used to it.


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